Working Bees under Covid-19 restrictions

Working Bees under Covid-19 restrictions

While group events such as our planned bird banding days have been deferred, maintenance work needs to continue.

Our planned working bees to water revegetation, check fences or spray weeds will be held with appropriate social distancing and hygiene measures as any landholder of significant property has to do.

Our upcoming working bees are:

Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th May
Friday 19th to Sunday 21st June
Friday 17th to Sunday 19th July
Friday 14th to Sunday 16th August
Week-long working bee –┬áMonday 21st to Sunday 26th September

Working bees this year have ensured our amazing, rare Silver Daisies planted last June are well watered and thriving in spite of record heat in summer!

Register your interest to join in by email and we’ll keep you up to date on the activities planned for each one.