A Gift of Sheoaks

We planted more than 50 Sheoaks seedlings at Read Creek Hills at July’s working bee. They were grown from local seed and generously donated to us by a  community group in Burra. Thanks to our local Ranger Stella for helping us plant them on the day!

Seeding curiousity

A great seed and plant ID workshop in July gave us new eyes for the wonderful array of plants growing in our part of the world. It was a rare treat to explore Hallelujah Hills’ grassy woodlands with plant expert Anne Brown!

Join us for a Working Bee!

Our next working bee will be on Friday and/or Saturday 23-24 June.  Track marking and protecting our newly sprouted revegetation are on the agenda.  There’s always plenty to do.  Contact here if you’re new to Worlds End Conservation and would like to join in. We’ll reply with directions and more details. Future Working Bees: 22 July – Saturday 23 July  – Sunday:  seed collection and plant ID day Sunday July 23 19 August – Saturday 9 September – Saturday 7 October – Saturday  

Working Bee March 2017

On 17 and 18 March 4 of us, Judy, Peter, Wendi and Jayne, went up for a working bee. We had a a good time track clearing, watering the new plants, checking the walking trail and cleaning the cottage. We welcomed a builder, David, who put in a new door to replace the one damaged in the recent break-in. His partner, Lynn, joined Wendi in painting markers for the walking trail.


Worlds End AGM was held at Read Creek Hills on Saturday 8 October 2016. It was great to see nearly 20 shareholders there including some of the original people and others who had joined in the last few months. All the official business was conducted smoothly and efficiently. The meeting approved Wendi Avery as Chair with Peter Knapp, Liz Millington and Brian Blaylock joining her as other directors. Liz has taken over the Secretary role and Jayne Jennifer the Treasurer role after Eleanor Martin and Anne Brown resigned after long years in those roles. The meeting thanked them for all their work. There were also lively discussions about the successes over the last year and ideas about future activities. A planning day has been scheduled for Saturday 14 January 2017 to extend these talks. A shared lunch gave everyone time to socialise and explore ideas further. Nine of us drove to the lookout for a walk in the northern part of the land. It was great to see the hills green and water in Read Creek after all the rain. The plant experts shared information about the wild flowers that were appearing. Some of us walked the last part of the return journey following the marked trail back to the cottage.

Watering Day

On 9 December 2016 people gathered at Read Creek to water the new plantings. The task was completed very efficiently using a water cart and people with buckets. It was exciting to see that over 80% were still alive and some had reached the top of the tree guards. The good rainfall in late December would have been very beneficial. We are watering again in January.

Planning Day

On Saturday 14 January the shareholders are having a Planning Day. The aim of the day is work together to develop our 25 year and 10 year goals and to set targets and actions for the coming year to move us towards the goals.

Planting Success!!

Members were excited to find 75% of new plantings at Read Creek Hills have thrived. Five members gave the plants their first manual watering of the summer on Friday December 9. Plantings are increasing connectivity of native vegetation between Kapunda and Burra.