Local native plants transform a sheep paddock at Worlds End

Local native plants transform a sheep paddock at Worlds End

This is the first of our occasional blogs about volunteer activities at Worlds End Conservation and the fascinating animals and plants we’re discovering there. Enjoy!

Worlds End Conservation volunteers have planted the next batch of healthy native plants in the old sheep paddocks at the edge of Read Creek Hills. Seeds from a  range of plants were collected on the property and propagated by our botanist member Phil Bagust. All  planted as part our vision to transform the old paddocks into a thriving ecosystem reflective of what would originally have occurred on their gentle slopes.

Volunteers also equipped each plant with a sturdy wire mesh guard to deter the roos that might seek to overturn or nibble them. Phil’s seedlings are a healthy size so hopefully the mice won’t take them out this year!

It’s great to see earlier plantings take off with the more than average rains we’ve had over the last year.

What with revegetation activities, bird, plant, possum, bat and reptile surveys and Bush Tucker walks at Worlds End Conservation there is no shortage of interesting projects for everyone to get out in the fresh air and enjoy!