Pygmy Possum Revival

Worlds End Conservation has just joined the Pygmy Possum Citizen Science Project which aims to ensure the survival of the Western Pygmy Possum, a small marsupial in eastern South Australia. This endearing species is threatened by the predicted impact of temperature rise on its habitat over the next 50 years. Members of the Waterhouse Club involved in this project are building 15 pygmy possum boxes and will help us install themĀ  on Saturday 17th April at Read Creek HillsĀ from 10.00a.m. Then on Saturday 29th May, on our working bee weekend, we will learn how to make possum and bat boxes and possum basket nests, make them, and then install them at Hallelujah Hills. If you’d like to join in either activity or keep up with this project please email our secretary (

Back in Action for 2021!

Birds, bats, pygmy possums and rare plants – see what activities and discoveries we’ve got in store for 2021 in our first Newsletter for the year.

Caught on Camera

Goulds Sand Monitor (Goanna) Goanna down Wombat hole Mulga Parrot Southern Hairy Nose Wombat Wombat out and about Emu Setting off Emu silhouette Watching,Roos Family of echidnas Cat trouble Brazen Fox in Daylight

Exciting Sightings!

Exciting Sightings! Seen recently enjoying the sunshine as we watered the Silver Daisies!

Time for action!

With good rains so far this winter we’re looking for help with our battle against horehound. Come to our August or September 2019 working bees and enjoy wandering our properties in search of newly sprouting beasties! Options for all levels of activity and ability. Dates are 9th and/or 10th August, 23rd and/or 24th August or any time from 16th to 19th September. Contact us for details and RSVP