Workshops & Field Days

Workshops and field days

Worlds End workshops and field days are open to everyone to share the knowledge and experience of experts in conservation and land management. See here for events we’ve planned.

Recent events include:

Seed collection: Greening Australia Project Officer Anne Brown demonstrated seed collecting techniques and we all collected local seeds. These have since been planted in our corridor revegetation at Read Creek Hills.

Plant Identification walks: Our properties are a refuge for several rare and significant plants and plant communities, particularly the critically endangered Lomandra effusa iron-grasslands that make our properties so special. Wildflowers abound in the winter and spring and it is lovely to walk across the hills and through the wooded valleys with people who can add to our understanding of the bush.

Bird watching: We’ve enjoyed many a quiet day looking at all the beautiful birds that live and pass through our properties. See our bird list for those we’ve seen so far.

Geological expeditions: We held a discovery walk to explore the geology of our properties with members of the Murraylands Gem and Mineral Club. There are Devils Dice and old mine sites to find.

Tracking animal: We had a fascinating field day learning how to track animals from the tiniest footprints and their tell-tale scats.