Volunteers are the mainstay of everything we do for Worlds End Conservation. For information about our activities please check for news here.

Volunteer activities are many and varied and can suit all levels of skill and energy:

Maintaining the cottage and outbuildings at Read Creek Hills. Recent projects include upgrading the lighting and making benches in the cottage.

Maintaining our fence lines and keeping our internal tracks clear

Working bees to follow up weed control after our grant funded contractors have taken out the main weed infestations. The work can be physically demanding but it is great to be out working in the hills and sharing lunch with others. The health and safety is of volunteers are important to us so the day starts with safety instruction and all equipment is supplied.

Silver Daisy revegetation: With Trees for Life we have planted 120 rare Silver Daisy seedlings to increase the genetic diversity of our existing plants. Volunteers will continue to monitor and care for these plants and contribute to the project’s aim to increase the species’ resilience as the climate changes.

Marking walking trails: It is great to wander along fire tracks and over the hills marking trails to show people new routes to try. The first one from Read Creek Hills’ cottage has just been marked but many more are planned.

Funding and Sponsorship: As government funding becomes scarcer we’re looking for people to take on a leadership role lobbying within the business world for support for our work. If you’re interested in promoting business interest in donating or sponsoring our projects and/or if you’ve got ideas for smaller fund-raising activities (e.g. art auctions, dinners) we’d love to hear from you.