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Citizen Science at Worlds End Conservation We’re all scientists, if we know what we’re looking at or for, to monitor or measure! For the last 3 years, we’ve been: amateur ornithologists, closely supervised and educated by professionals, doing bird netting and banding and bird surveys; botanists, with the help of Trees For Life, planting and monitoring Olearia pannosa (silver daisies – see the report below) and looking at our plants through the eyes of rare plant spotters, Phil and Judy; bat and western pygmy possum monitors using an Anabat sound recorder and endoscope (4 bat species recorded, no possums seen yet); lomandra grasslands grazing trial monitors, trained by ecologists to identify plants by ecological function. And in the near future: reptile and frog surveyors, directed by Reptile and Frog Group and other experts (March long weekend 2023); bird surveyors, continuing our 3 years of 20 minute, 2 hectare surveys for Birdata, the national data base, hopefully supported by Birds SA members at one of their field trips in 2023. Other possible surveys we’d love to do include mammals, insects, spiders (not me personally, someone braver!), butterflies – something to suit every one!   Most of the previous projects will continue as long as we want to be scientists, with wonderful support and interest from experts, who simply love being on WEC and working with us! Other project ideas are most welcome.  

Bird Banding Success in October 2021

A total of 77 birds were netted in our second bird banding weekend in Ocotber 2021 with the Grey-shrike Thrush, Hooded Robin, Rufous Whistler and White-winged Chough netted for the first time. Six birds banded in 2020 were re-captured showing good health in spite of the dry 2020 year. Looks like habitat resources at Worlds End are holding up well!

New Plant and Bird photos

Take a look at our Research & Resources web page for great photos of  plants and birds at Hallelujah Hills and Read Creek Hills. Up to date plant and bird lists and reports are also featured.

Pygmy Possum Revival

Worlds End Conservation has just joined the Pygmy Possum Citizen Science Project which aims to ensure the survival of the Western Pygmy Possum…

Back in Action for 2021!

Birds, bats, pygmy possums and rare plants – see what activities and discoveries we’ve got in store for 2021 in our first Newsletter for the year.