Our Shareholders


Our Shareholders

Worlds End Conservation is proud to have shareholders with a wide variety of skills and knowledge and a passion for conserving the beautiful natural landscapes of mid-North South Australia.

Our four founding members have an exceptional knowledge of the flora and fauna of the region as well as much experience in managing land for conservation. They took the plunge to buy our Hallelujah Hills property and set the foundations for the company in 2004 when they realised that a section of quality bushland was about to be purchased for either a 4WD training site or by a motorbike club. They then secured National Reserve status and State Heritage Agreements for our Hallelujah Hills and our Read Creek Hills properties, allowing us to access government conservation funding.

The founders have since been joined by a further thirty shareholders who have fallen in love with Worlds End properties and who generously give their skills and support to our conservation activities, building our knowledge base and spreading the word about the treasures of Worlds End.

Members volunteer their skills and enthusiasm as biologists, ecologists, farmers, graziers, ornithologists, landcare workers, bushwalkers, administrators, nurses, botanists, artists, photographers and carpenters!

Worlds End Conservation is always looking for more shareholders to add their energy and their financial support so we can continue to buy and manage land for conservation in the Worlds End area.

If you are interested in becoming a shareholder, find out more here!


“ I fell in love with Hallelujah Hills on a birdwatching trip, camping in the beautiful natural grassy amphitheatre surrounded by mallee, bewitched by the sounds and sights of babblers and choughs and stunned by the hidden gullies I’d never suspected were there….”

“For a long time we had both enjoyed the opportunity to go bushwalking in our lovely, natural countryside, it seemed that here was a good way to ‘put something back.’”

“I have learned a lot – I now know that Horehound is a noxious weed and not a breed of the canine variety and it gives much pleasure to be hoeing them out on Working Bee days in the sunshine!”