Our Partners


Our Partners

Worlds End Conservation is pleased to work with a number of partners to contribute to building knowledge about and managing the biodiversity of the WEC properties.

Worlds End Conservation Pty Ltd (WECPL) acknowledges the financial support of two Caring for Our Country grants, as part of the Federal Government National Reserve System (NRS) program and a Caring for Country Stewardship Grant, and the financial support of the South Australian Department for Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR), which has contributed to the establishment of our protected areas under State Heritage Agreements and grants.

Worlds End Conservation Pty Ltd also acknowledges community support of the company by the Mid-North Grasslands Working Group, the Burra Rangelands Action Group, the Friends of Burra Parks, the Northern and Yorke DEWNR Consultative Committee.

The company is strongly supported in its efforts by the Natural Resource Management Boards and staff of the Murray Darling Basin and the Northern and Yorke regions of SA.

We are committed to a whole of landscape approach to conserving the biodiversity of the Scrubby Hill Ranges (locally known as the Hallelujah Hills) and will always seek to work with our partners and adjoining landholders to reduce the threat of weeds and feral animals and uncontrolled fire to its survival.

Some organisations we work with:

  • The State Herbarium, for lodging and identification of plant species
  • Birds SA and CSIRO bird banders for conducting bird surveys
  • The Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources (DEWNR) for landscape scale feral and abundant species control
  • The SA Herpetology Group to carry out reptile surveying
  • The Mammal Club of the Field Naturalists Society of SA to carry out mammal surveys
  • The Murray Darling Natural Resource Management staff of RM section of DEWNR for grant funded projects, educational opportunities, publicity and scientific advice
  • Worlds End Gorge Biodiversity Committee
  • Private contractors for weed control and feral animal grazing control
  • Private contractors for eradication of predator species such as cats and foxes
  • Private contractors for control of excessive grazing by deer, rabbits and overabundant native animal control
  • SA Country Fire Service for fire management advice and assistance with access tracks

We also have links with:

  • Birds Australia Gluepot Reserve
  • Friends of Private Bushland
  • Bushland Conservation Company Pty Ltd
  • Mid-North Grassland Working Group
  • SA Native Vegetation Council
  • Friends of Burra Parks
  • Nature Conservation Society of SA
  • Yacka-Moorundie Landcare Group