Monthly Archives: July 2019

Time for action!

With good rains so far this winter we’re looking for help with our battle against horehound. Come to our August or September 2019 working bees and enjoy wandering our properties in search of newly sprouting beasties! Options for all levels of activity and ability. Dates are 9th and/or 10th August, 23rd and/or 24th August or any time from 16th to 19th September. Contact us for details and RSVP

Silver Daisies safely planted!

One hundred and twenty healthy Silver Daisy seedlings, mainly sourced from Quorn seed stock, have been planted in small groups in a variety of settings across our two properties. Trees for Life grew our prized and rare little plants and helped us give them the best start in life with substantial tree guards to protect them from grazing roos. Now it’s our job to nurse them over the drier months and monitor how they go, hopefully adding to the genetic diversity of our existing plants. If you’d like to be part of the Silver Daisy watering team over spring and summer, please contact us .