Monthly Archives: August 2017

Working Bees for Winter and Spring

Change of date! Our next working bee is now on Saturday August 26th, zapping horehound in the lovely Lomandra grasslands of Read Creek Hills. Join us for the next one on Saturday 9th September – just the best season to admire early spring flowers while horehound hunting! Contact us

A Gift of Sheoaks

We planted more than 50 Sheoaks seedlings at Read Creek Hills at July’s working bee. They were grown from local seed and generously donated to us by a  community group in Burra. Thanks to our local Ranger Stella for helping us plant them on the day!

Seeding curiousity

A great seed and plant ID workshop in July gave us new eyes for the wonderful array of plants growing in our part of the world. It was a rare treat to explore Hallelujah Hills’ grassy woodlands with plant expert Anne Brown!