Monthly Archives: January 2017


Worlds End AGM was held at Read Creek Hills on Saturday 8 October 2016. It was great to see nearly 20 shareholders there including some of the original people and others who had joined in the last few months. All the official business was conducted smoothly and efficiently. The meeting approved Wendi Avery as Chair with Peter Knapp, Liz Millington and Brian Blaylock joining her as other directors. Liz has taken over the Secretary role and Jayne Jennifer the Treasurer role after Eleanor Martin and Anne Brown resigned after long years in those roles. The meeting thanked them for all their work. There were also lively discussions about the successes over the last year and ideas about future activities. A planning day has been scheduled for Saturday 14 January 2017 to extend these talks. A shared lunch gave everyone time to socialise and explore ideas further. Nine of us drove to the lookout for a walk in the northern part of the land. It was great to see the hills green and water in Read Creek after all the rain. The plant experts shared information about the wild flowers that were appearing. Some of us walked the last part of the return journey following the marked trail back to the cottage.