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Worlds End Conservation acknowledges the Ngadjuri nation and its people as the traditional owners and custodians of the land in the area now known as Worlds End

and pays respect to elders past and present.


Worlds End Conservation Pty Ltd proudly owns and conserves 1000 hectares of rare grasslands, woodlands and scrublands in the Mid-North of South Australia on two Heritage listed properties.
We are always looking for high quality bushland to connect our properties to nearby conservation parks and private bushland and to work with neighbours to increase the space for native animals and plants to flourish.

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Citizen Science at Worlds End Conservation We’re all scientists, if we know what we’re looking at or for, to monitor or measure! For the last 3 years, we’ve been: amateur…

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Worlds End Conservation Autumn Newsletter 2022

Worlds End Conservation Newsletter – Autumn 2022.msg

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Working bees and activities for 2022

Now it’s cooling down, working bees and activities are due to begin for 2022.

Come along and join in a range of activities from monitoring pygmy possum boxes to clearing fence lines – something to suit any interest and capability!

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Bird Banding Success in October 2021

A total of 77 birds were netted in our second bird banding weekend in Ocotber 2021 with the Grey-shrike Thrush, Hooded Robin, Rufous Whistler and White-winged Chough netted for the first time. Six birds banded in 2020 were re-captured showing good health in spite of the dry 2020 year. Looks like habitat resources at Worlds End are holding up well!

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